A publishing deal, a $1m media deal, a book launch at the world famous department store Harrods, guest speaking engagements, national press coverage, columns in magazines and business funding.

Amazing, right?

How about a husband diagnosed with cancer and 1 year old twins to raise, business betrayal, tabloid dirt, losing an employment tribunal and all media deals ending. Having to put a business I'd built from the ground up in to administration and being diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia.

Crazy, huh!  

Life can throw some wild and wonderful (!) things at us from time to time. Amazing opportunities sometimes come at a time when it feels as if everything else is falling apart.

Over time it became clear to me that I was living fear, due to my response to what had been happening in my life over the past several years. I desperately wanted peace in my life, peace in the lives of my children and peace in my home. So I set about re-building myself and my life from the inside out. Starting from scratch and taking everything I had learned about my life, work, home and dreams. It's taken a long time but I've learnt so much along the way I'd love to be able share all I know to help others who may be going through a tough time.


2006 - 2009


I started my first blog, Tales from Pixie Wood, in the Summer of 2006. I wasn't engaged or married or a mummy. I didn't even own my own home, I was renting in London.

But I loved making the flat cosy and I also enjoyed thinking up brand new tasty recipes that used the best of the seasons produce.

Hugh Fearnley - Whittingstall was a huge inspiration at this time and I dreamt of leaving London and getting out to the country.

{ Here I am in 2006 with one of my first blog projects - a pumpkin half that has been filled with seasonal foliage and used as a pretty centrepiece for the table. }

In 2007 Robert (my future husband) and I moved out of London and settled in a lovely market town in Surrey. I continued to blog and added crafts and recipes to the content featured on my blog. It was a really lovely time in our lives. I worked part-time in a Montessori Nursery in Notting Hill, London, planned our wedding in Yosemite National Park, California and the rest of the time I decorated our Victorian cottage, tried out lots of new recipes, had friends over and generally pottered about. I also began to sell some of my crafts online and at craft fairs. Along with a collection of t-shirts that I designed I found I had my first proper business. It was hard work and the learning curve was massive. But I had been bitten by the business bug and when I left my job at the nursery school I knew it would be the last time I ever had a boss.  

It was also around this time that my home was first featured in a magazine. 25 Beautiful Homes contacted me, having seen my blog, and asked if they could photograph it for their Christmas issue. I remember working like a loon for 8 weeks straight to get it looking half-decent before the photographers arrived. It was a really fun day and all in all it was a life well lived before babies came along.

{All photographs in the section below were taken by Colin Poole for 25 beautiful Homes Magazine.}

2009 - 2010


In the Spring of 2009 Robert and I were married and decided to move further out in to the countryside. We headed for West Sussex and have been here ever since. We were living in a rented house that was many hundreds of years old and it was amazing. There was an AGA, an inglenook fireplace, beams in the ceiling that we believe came from a ship! I was also working with a phenomenal person who believed in what I was doing with my blog and website. I left the Pixie Wood URL and put everything in to my name and in to a brand new website. My sister came on board and we worked together creating as many gorgeous crafts, recipes and lifestyle articles that we could manage. And we managed quite a lot, building a website that was full of original content and gaining more and more visitors daily!!

I've been online for the past decade and have seen many changes. See the timeline below to give you a better idea of all that I have done and where I'm headed.

{All photographs and projects, except where noted, are mine and were taken by me or a member of my team when I am in the picture }

2010 - 2011


In the Winter and Summer of Spring 2009 I suffered 2 miscarriages. So when I fell pregnant for the third time in 12 months in the Autumn of 2009 I was absolutely scared stiff. Robert and I found out we were having Twins in October of 2009 but it wasn't until January of 2010 that I fully allowed myself to enter fully in to the pregnancy.

Three months in to the pregnancy and I was just getting over the nausea. I went to a Christmas party that night in London and had to leave really early. I wasn't feeling sick but I really wasn't feeling comfortable or well. I was a rubbish pregnant lady!!

On Boxing Day of 2009 Robert and I flew out to St.Wolfgang in Austria and spent New Year there. It was really uncomfortable travelling and I was only about 4 months pregnant.

In January of 2010 it started to snow. And it snowed and snowed. We were snowed in at the house and lost all our power. It got very cold and when this picture was taken we didn't really have any idea of just how much snow would be falling!!

On Boxing Day of 2009 Robert and I flew out to St.Wolfgang in Austria and spent New Year there.