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MOA, a one-of-a-kind liquid nutritional supplement containing 34 superfoods from around the world. MOA has a unique use of whole foods, purees and concentrates, instead of reconstituted powders. These are harvested from ingredients valued for their health-promoting properties of both local and exotic origin.

Nutrient-rich superfoods are valued for their health supportive benefits, yet are often difficult to access due to their exotic origins. Some are available readily at local markets, such as grapes, apples, and cranberries. However, others are rare, expensive and often out of reach. That’s where MOA comes in. MOA includes 34 of the highest quality superfoods in the world, including agave, seaweed, noni, bioperine black pepper, pomegranate, bergamot, curcuma, white tea, acai, maitake and reishi mushroom, mangosteen, goji berry, sour cherry, and more.

What's more is that MOA is safe for children. So if you provide this for your children every day you can be certain that they are being provided with optimal nutrition.  

Frazzled Caffeine Addict?

Feeling Like You're running On Empty?

Too much to do, too much to organise, too much to think about?

Have you ever just wanted to have a feeling of natural, vibrant energy running through your body without the need for chemical filled stimulants that make you feel even more anxious?

Well, I'd like you to meet                    

Cost per shot of MOA =£0.92

Cost of drinking MOA per day =£1.84

Cost of 1 Starbucks Grande Cappuccino =£2.60

 is the most potent anti-oxidant on the market.

How Does MOA Compare On Price?

Still not convinced?

We have chosen some familiar foods such as grapes, cranberries and apples but also more exotic ones as well like shiitake and maitake mushrooms, bergamot and BioPerine.

Shiitake mushrooms are native to East Asia and have been used and cultivated for thousands of years as a traditional medicine and culinary ingredient.

Bergamot is found in Italy, Calabria and is a citrus fruit used to support healthy levels of cholesterol and blood glucose since the 1800’s.  Bergamot has shown to kill free radical cells with no nasty toxic effects.

Bioperine is an extract from the black pepper fruit.  Clinically proven to increase nutrient absorption of nutrient supplements in the body like acetyl glutathione, vitamin A, vitamin b6, vitamin C, CoQ10, curcomin and selenium.

1 Bottle / 2 weeks supply (750ml) £25.64

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Cost of 1 Starbucks Grande Cappuccino

Every Day For 2 Weeks =£36.40

Cost of Drinking MOA Every

Day For 2 Weeks =£25.64

You can also buy MOA from as little as £17.95 per month with IIX Membership when processing your order.

Debbie Georgiou, Olympic Gymnast, Health and Fitness Consultant

In all my years of elite competition I've always been aware of the importance of getting the right nutrients into my body. Our bodies work on a cellular level and even if we eat all the correct foods it's almost impossible to get the right quantities needed for optimal nutrition. By drinking 2 shots of MOA daily I've noticed a huge impact on my health and particularly my ability to recover post training. It's such a simple insurance policy of making sure everyday we are quickly and easily getting the correct levels into our bodies.

(Working on the basis of the recommended amount per day)

1 Bottle / 2 weeks supply (750ml) £25.64

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You can also buy MOA from as little as £17.95 per month with IIX Membership when processing your order.

1 Bottle / 2 weeks supply (750ml) £25.64

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You can also buy MOA from as little as £17.95 per month with IIX Membership when processing your order.