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Pomegranate & Rose Christmas Door Wreath


So, after weeks of having Pomegranates drying in my kitchen yesterday they were ready to be attached and made in to my Christmas door wreath for this year. The wreath is actually hanging from what is officially the back door but this is the door that everyone uses when they visit so it makes sense. They come in through this door, walk in to the boot room and up the stairs to the kitchen.

As well as the Pomegranates I have added

pale pink roses and Eucalyptus leaves.

As well as dried Hydrangea heads….

…and ornamental cabbages. All available from your local florist and some of these flowers/foliage will be available from your local supermarket too.

I used this wreath as the basis of mine. The pomegranates are heavy and will need a wreath that can hold them. You certainly don’t have to use one like this but get to your local garden centre, florist or place that sells Christmas Trees and hunt for a sturdy and strong wreath to use as a base. You can use one already covered in foliage, this will save you time and possibly some cash, there are no rules to this. This is your wreath, you need to have a great time experimenting with different things that you think will greet your guests in a warm and Christmassy way. I wouldn’t suggest using an Oasis/Floral Foam for this wreath as you are tying your foliage to the base not just sticking bits in to it. I hope that makes sense and I’ve explained it OK.

To decorate and attach the Pomegranates –

  • Tie ribbon around the Pomegranate
  • Pin in place as it may slide off
  • Tie a bow at the top of the fruit, this makes them appear much more grand and fuller.

You now need to attach wire to the Pomegranates in order to be able to fix them on to the wreath –

  • Using a kebab stick, poke it through the back part of the Pomegranate until it comes out on the opposite side
  • Remove the stick and thread some strong wire (I used 0.7mm) through the holes you have just made. Leaving two lengths sticking out on either side.
  • Twist the lengths of wire around a part of the wreath, securing the Pomegranate in place.

Make sure that the Poms are secure. When you are doing this you’ll be able to tell how secure they need to be as you’ll feel the weight of them in your hand. The wire needed is thicker than ordinary florists wire and mine measured 0.7mm and is available at any DIY store.

When you have attached your Pomegranates work around them to fill in the rest of the wreath with your chosen flowers/foliage. I think this is the fun bit. With each piece you add you get to see it come to life.

You can use Holly, Ivy, Roses, Ornamental Cabbages, Mistletoe, Eucalyptus. You could also add decorative bells, baubles, bows. ANYTHING! It’s your door. And if you’re not happy with it you can do it all over again next year. They will keep getting better and better.

You can still see pins and tiny bits of wire poking out from the wreath but we’re not florists. It doesn’t matter. When you hang the finished article on your door you’ll love it, I promise you. Your friends will ask where you bought it from and when you tell them you made it you’ll have orders coming in!

I’ve been making wreaths like this for about fifteen years and it is my absolute favourite part of decorating for Christmas. Each year I do something different and each year I love the process. It is a tradition that I have for myself and each year the current wreath becomes my favourite.