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Dahlia Table
Dahlia Table

If you’re a grower of Dahlia’s then you’ll know what I mean when I say that they’re definitely worth every inch of the effort that goes in to growing them. Which, to be fair isn’t a great deal you just have to start them at the right time and make sure they don’t get too wet.

Dahlia Table

I have a How-To blog post on exactly how to grow them and I’ll publish it at the right time next Spring. But for now take a look at how you can use them on a table to decorate it.

Dahlia Table

I’ve used a lot of pinks with some yellows and oranges. But I’ve popped a few roses in there too if there were gaps. I’m not a florist by any stretch which you’ll be able to tell but the reason I love Dahlia’s is because you get a really long stem with which to work with and they last a really long time in a vase.

Dahlia Table

I’ve used mainly the Pom-Pom variety in various colours and I like the fact that, being such a seasonal flower, they give you this lovely lead in to Autumn whilst still reminding you that Summer isn’t entirely over just yet!

Dahlia Table

In this particular blog post I had decorated the room, which was already painted white, with quite a few warm white fairy lights (a fave of mine if you know anything about me) white crockery and some coloured table accessories that matched the whole White Dining Room theme. I loved that room and it was great fun to entertain in.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this flowery trip down memory lane. If you like these pictures you can always add them to your Pinterest boards by hovering over the Pinterest icon in the top left corner.

Have a wonderful weekend and I shall see you back here on Monday!

Huge love, Cherry


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